Mañana jueves 12 de Diciembre a las 12 tendrá lugar una reunión informativa sobre las becas de movilidad del Proyecto Erasmus Mundus Phoenix, coordinado por la Universidad de Almería. La charla tendrá lugar en la Sala de Conferencias del Edificio de Ciencias de la Salud.

El Proyecto Erasmus Mundus PHOENIX, financiado por la Comisión Europea, facilita la movilidad entre universidades europeas y de Oriente Medio. Para ello se ofertan becas para todos los niveles: grado, master, doctorado, post-doctorado y para personal académico y administrativo.

En total se adjudicarán 150 becas en dos convocatorias, de las cuales 20 plazas serán para candidatos europeos. Estas becas incluyen  gastos de viaje, matrícula si procede, seguro y una ayuda mensual para manutención y alojamiento en función del nivel de estudios:

Grado: 1.000 €/mes
Master: 1.000 €/mes
Doctorado: 1.500 €/mes
Post-Doctorado: 1.800 €/mes
Personal Académico y Administrativo: 2.500 €/mes

Por otro lado, la distribución de las movilidades para los candidatos europeos será la siguiente:

DibujoEl plazo para solicitar estas becas estará abierto hasta el próximo 22 de Enero de 2014. Puedes encontrar toda la información sobre la convocatoria así como la solicitud on-line en la web del proyecto y en la web del Vicerrectorado de Internacionalización.


Convocatoria del CEIA3 de 30 becas para prácticas en el extranjero

El ceiA3 convoca 30 becas de movilidad para prácticas profesionales del ámbito de la Agroalimentación en empresas de prestigio de la Unión Europea. Plazo de presentación de solicitudes hasta el 30 de noviembre de 2012. Para más información, haga click en el siguiente enlace.

Plurilingualism Call for Proposal officially closed

The 17th of January was the deadline to participate in the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan 2012/2013. We have received more than 30 applications for new subjects from several degrees offered at the University of Almería.

The most participative faculties have been the School of Engineering, the School of Economics and Business Studies and the School of Health Sciences. However, we have also applicants from the School of Experimental Sciences, Psychology, Law, Education and Humanities.

The applications are being revised during this week and the first list of accepted professors will be published next week.

The professors who have applied will have the opportunity to enjoy language courses and experiences abroad as well as getting a certification of foreign language teaching.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Find there all the information about the Plurilingualism Project!

Test your English and join the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan!

New Year, new life and new challenges! If one of your 2012 goals is to improve your English, but you dont know where to start and which your level is, you are in the right place now!

Are you a professor at the University of Almeria? Would you like to join the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan, but you dont know if your English level is enough to participate? This is a really good opportunity to find it out! Develop your career with us!

There are several free websites where you can quickly and easily test your English level. We will show you some of them:

– University of Cambridge: Find a free test containing 25 multiple choice questions without time limit.  (

– Free tests including listening exercises.(

– Englishtown: Developed by the Cambridge ESOL for EF (Education First), you will have the possibility to assess how good your English is through a 20 question tests. (

So you have the resources to start with! Choose one website and check your English level today to know where to start! Would you dare to face this challenge in 2012? English challenge is waiting for you!

And if you are a professor, dont forget, the application deadline to participate in the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan is 17 January 2012!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Unbelievably it’s already Christmas! Three months ago, our Plurilingualism Team started to tell our stories in this blog. However, it feels as if we started yesterday!


During these months, we have introduced you our Plurilingualism Promotion Plan, pointing on the importance of international experiences and languages learning. We have found some entertaining ways to learn languages, anecdotes, international stories and practical information. Week by week, we have presented you different countries and universities, from Italy to China, thanks to the international students at our University.


We hope you enjoy our writings and we would like to thank you for following us and motivating us to continue bringing you interesting information.


From the Vice-Chancellorship of Internationalization, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

Visit of the rectors and directors of the National Defence University of Warsaw (Poland)

Thanks to the amount of Polish students at our university, we have had the privilege of receiving the visit of the leaders of the prestigious National Defence University of Warsaw.

Jarosław WOŁEJSZO, Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Jan POSOBIEC, Professor and Director of the Armed Forces Institute, and Piotr Gawliczek, Captain of the Navy and president of the National Defense University of Warsaw, Akademia Obrony Narodowej, visited the facilities of the University of Almería, and met the Vice-Chancellor of Internationalization and Development Cooperation, Maria Sagrario Salaberri Ramiro.

During the university tour, the rector and directors had the opportunity to visit our campus, our research buildings, being the CIESOL one of the most outstanding centres for them, as well as other UAL infrastructures, like the Library, which was the buildings that had the deepest impact on them. “Our library has over a million copies, and it is the third biggest one inWarsaw. However, this is in a unique environment, what makes it wonderful.” said the rector.

At the National Defence University of Warsaw, as in our university, all the faculties share the same location campus. Moreover, explained the Dean, the classrooms, the facilities and the organization are very similar. They are looking for new and innovative ideas to implement and upgrade their systems and installations.

Due to that, they showed interest in the structure and activities that are being developed within UAL, mainly related to the students and new graduates. One of the more commented measures was the  UAL student card, which can be used as a debit card thanks to the agreement of our University with the financial entity, Cajamar.

The University of Almería has signed a bilateral agreement under the framework of the Erasmus Program with this Polish University, especially for the following areas: Business, Humanities and Work relations. Because of this, and due to the recent huge Polish growth, a large number of Polish students are studying in our classrooms the new degree courses in Economics, Tourism or Marketing.

From the Vice-Chancellorship of Internationalization, we hope that this visit will be a starting point for new agreements in other fields of study, as well as other academic collaborations, really beneficial for both universities.

Embarcate ya! Now boarding! Plurilingualism Call for Proposal, Join a language trip!

The Plurilingualism Promotion Plan is an innovative programme promoted by the University of Almería and this academic year it is celebrating its 4th birthday.

Since 2009, the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan has been motivating teachers and students to improve the language learning at our university, by teaching official subjects in foreign languages.

This year on the 14 November, the Vice-Chancellorship of Internationalization and Cooperation for Development at the University of Almería published a new Call for Proposal for the Plurilingualism Project. If you are a teacher, it is a really good opportunity to develop your career and experience a new challenge in your professional life. There are just few requirements which you have to meet:

–         Being a professor at the UAL

–         Having, at least a B2 level of the language you want to teach the subject in.

Beyond the new teaching experiences, the Vice-Chancellorship of Internationalization will offer the participant teacher other benefits, such as:

–         150 Euro/ECTS for each 3 years of teaching

–         Language trainings such as language courses or experiences abroad

–         Certifications of foreign language teaching

–         Support in translations

–         And lots of other advantages!

There are professors, who are already participating in our programme. Do you want to be another one? Be updated and keep on learning languages. The application deadline is 17 January 2012. Join the Plurilingualism Project!

Visit UAL website, our Facebook site and follow us on Twitter to get more information!