International Mother Language Day 21 February, 2012

Speaking foreign languages is a very useful skill, it is essential for the labour market, to make contacts, and to know foreign countries.

Most of the people study languages in primary and high schools, but without speaking and practicing, they forget them easily. To avoid this, UNESCO, the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and UN agencies participate in events to promote linguistic and cultural diversity.

One of these events is the International Mother Language Day which is annually held on February 21 to celebrate languages spoken worldwide.

The event exists since February 2000 throughout the world, to promote linguistic, cultural diversity as well as multilingualism.

Due to the globalization processes languages are under threat. When a language dies, the traditions, memories are also lost. According to UNESCO: “Half of the 6,700 languages spoken today are in danger of disappearing before the century ends, a process that can be slowed only if urgent action is taken by governments and speaker communities.”

In connection with this event, interested people could even join an International Photography Contest.

The main goal of this contest was that the participants around the world could share their language opinion and support through photography.

Would you like to see the winner photos? You can check them on the official website of the event:

Have you ever participated in the International Mother Language Day? Share your experiences!


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