Test your English and join the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan!

New Year, new life and new challenges! If one of your 2012 goals is to improve your English, but you dont know where to start and which your level is, you are in the right place now!

Are you a professor at the University of Almeria? Would you like to join the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan, but you dont know if your English level is enough to participate? This is a really good opportunity to find it out! Develop your career with us!

There are several free websites where you can quickly and easily test your English level. We will show you some of them:

– University of Cambridge: Find a free test containing 25 multiple choice questions without time limit.  (http://www.cambridgeesol.org/test-your-english/index.php)

– examenglish.com: Free tests including listening exercises.(http://www.examenglish.com/)

– Englishtown: Developed by the Cambridge ESOL for EF (Education First), you will have the possibility to assess how good your English is through a 20 question tests. (www.englishtown.com/Curso-Gratis)

So you have the resources to start with! Choose one website and check your English level today to know where to start! Would you dare to face this challenge in 2012? English challenge is waiting for you!

And if you are a professor, dont forget, the application deadline to participate in the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan is 17 January 2012!


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