Plurilingualism Promotion Plan Meetings, Be updated!

Many professors at the University of Almería are aware about the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan and the importance of language learning in Higher Education.

However, due to the youth of our program, it is necessary to promote our project and to make it known to as many professors as possible.

That is the reason why the Vice-Chancellorship of Internationalization is organizing informative meetings about the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan. They are the best opportunity for the future bilingual professors to express their opinions, suggestions and fears about this new challenge. Our Plurilingualism Team will show the new Call for Proposal for the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan and they will reply any question or doubt to the audience.

The meetings are focused mainly on the following topics:

–         Applicants and subjects requirements

–         Importance of language certification

–         Application forms and deadline

–         Plurilingualism Promotion Plan benefits

–         Language courses and activities organized by our Plurilingualism Team

–         Online channels, where the users can find more information about us: Facebook, Twitter and Plurilingualism Blog

These conferences are taking place in all the faculties of our university. We already successfully visited the School of Engineering and the Faculties of Psychology, Education and Humanities. On Tuesday 13th December, we will be at the Faculties of Economy and Law. And on Thursday 15th December, you could find at the Faculties of Experimental Sciences and Health Care.

We hope to see you there and to share with you our Program for this academic year!

Take part in the International side of the University of Almería!


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