Visit of the rectors and directors of the National Defence University of Warsaw (Poland)

Thanks to the amount of Polish students at our university, we have had the privilege of receiving the visit of the leaders of the prestigious National Defence University of Warsaw.

Jarosław WOŁEJSZO, Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Jan POSOBIEC, Professor and Director of the Armed Forces Institute, and Piotr Gawliczek, Captain of the Navy and president of the National Defense University of Warsaw, Akademia Obrony Narodowej, visited the facilities of the University of Almería, and met the Vice-Chancellor of Internationalization and Development Cooperation, Maria Sagrario Salaberri Ramiro.

During the university tour, the rector and directors had the opportunity to visit our campus, our research buildings, being the CIESOL one of the most outstanding centres for them, as well as other UAL infrastructures, like the Library, which was the buildings that had the deepest impact on them. “Our library has over a million copies, and it is the third biggest one inWarsaw. However, this is in a unique environment, what makes it wonderful.” said the rector.

At the National Defence University of Warsaw, as in our university, all the faculties share the same location campus. Moreover, explained the Dean, the classrooms, the facilities and the organization are very similar. They are looking for new and innovative ideas to implement and upgrade their systems and installations.

Due to that, they showed interest in the structure and activities that are being developed within UAL, mainly related to the students and new graduates. One of the more commented measures was the  UAL student card, which can be used as a debit card thanks to the agreement of our University with the financial entity, Cajamar.

The University of Almería has signed a bilateral agreement under the framework of the Erasmus Program with this Polish University, especially for the following areas: Business, Humanities and Work relations. Because of this, and due to the recent huge Polish growth, a large number of Polish students are studying in our classrooms the new degree courses in Economics, Tourism or Marketing.

From the Vice-Chancellorship of Internationalization, we hope that this visit will be a starting point for new agreements in other fields of study, as well as other academic collaborations, really beneficial for both universities.


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