Plurilingualism in another way: China

This week, we will fly a little bit further, out of the “borders” of Europe…We will discover languages in China.

We have spoken with 5 chinese girls: Rebeca, Elisa, Emilia, Nuria y Belén (These are their Spanish names, of course ;)). They are studying Spanish Philology at the University of Almería this academic year as Exchange Students.

They have explained to us the language teaching process in China, as well as their university studies, and their experiences with languages abroad.

Language learning is compulsory in China. “We started to learn English from the first year of primary school” says Rebeca.

The girls are studying International Business at the Beijing Language and Culture University. Due to the nature of this, they have to study most of the subjects in other languages. “I studied International Business in English and I have some compulsory courses in Spanish, like “Culture of Spain and Latin-America”, “Spanish listening, speaking and writing” and some others.” Rebeca tells us.

“My University in China is a Language University which offers more language courses and plurilingual subjects than other Universities. Normally, Universities in our country usually offer English, Japanese and Korean courses and subjects” Elisa says.

To get their degree, they need a Language Certificate, as required in Italy and Hungary. “Everyone in our campus needs a certificate of an English College to graduate” Elisa explains, “but as Spanish students, we also need to pass a Spanish level test during our second year” says Rebeca.

In the future, they want to improve their Spanish knowledge and learn other languages, such as German and Portuguese, as they are really interested in communication, cultures and people.


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