Plurilingualism in another way: Italy

We have travelled to Italy to know how the language learning is developed in the country of the pizza 🙂

In our last “Plurilingualism in another way”, we discovered the Hungarian Language System with our colleague Réka Marincsak. This week, we have interviewed two Italian girls, Chiara and Giulia, who are spending one semester at the University of Almería as Erasmus students.

They have explained to us the Language System in Italy as well as their relationship with foreign languages at their home Universities.

Foreign language learning is compulsory in Italy from the first year of Primary School. “But as far as I know, they want to introduce language teaching earlier, in the kindergarten”- says Giulia.

Both girls are studying Languages and Literature at the University of Modena, so for them it is essential to learn the subjects in other languages. “We study Linguistic, Translation, Literature and Culture of the foreign language we are specialized in (English and Spanish). And of course, we study them in these languages, not in Italian language. However, in other faculties, only English is compulsory” explains Chiara.

In order to get their degree, they need a Language Certificate. “Our degree has a length of 5 years. During the first 3 years, we have to achieve C1 level of our specific language and C2 level during the following 2 years. So, at the end of our Languages and Literature degree, we should be almost bilingual”

“In the future, I would like to learn German and French”- says Giulia. However, at the moment, both girls want to concentrate on learning English and Spanish and enjoy their Erasmus Semester.


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