Plurilingualism in another way: Hungary

We already know how language learning is in Spain and specially, at the University of Almería…But would you like to find out how it is in other countries? Come and Discover it with us!

This week Hungary, by Réka Marincsak, Team member of the Plurilingualism Promotion Plan.

“Foreign language learning in Hungary is compulsorily from the fourth grade (of the primary education) and it lasts till the end of compulsory education.

The aim of this measure is to develop future European citizens who are able to speak several foreign languages.

Within the University of Miskolc, there is an independent teaching centre called Foreign Language Teaching Centre. It is open not only for University members, but for everyone interested in language learning. People can choose among English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Hungarian courses.

At my home University, in every faculty, the students have the possibility of studying subjects in English or German as in Almería. I have studied in the Faculty of Economics and I have chosen several subjects in English, such as European Culture and Civilization, EU Programmes and Projects, EU policies, Regional Economic Geography of the EU and Human Resource Management.

In Hungary, in order to achieve a degree, every student has to acquire at least one Language Certificate. However, in some faculties as my one, students are required to own 2 foreign Business Language Certificates. That is the reason why studying subjects in English was essential.

Some other opportunities are provided by my University like Movilitiy Programs.  I studied one semester in Santander, Spain as an ERASMUS student, and nowadays I am doing an internship in Almería thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci Project.”


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