International experiences, What is your one?

A new semester at the university always means new subjects, new lecturers, new friends and new experiences. Moreover, since no long ago, it also means new faces from all over the world, our International students.

Studying abroad is a huge opportunity for students to learn a new language, know other cultures, make hundreds of new friends… And of course, it will be always an advantage in the labour market.

Nowadays, in the multilingual European job market, students have to compete not only with the graduates from their native country, but also with highly qualified graduates from other countries. So, living, studying or working in a foreign country for months or years, will help enhance your CV to be outstanding from the rest.

In the personal area, living in a foreign country means facing new and unexpected situations. Learning how to deal with these situations will develop life skills. This experience helps improve selfconfidence as well as  personal values and understanding of people from different cultural and etnic background.

But… what if you are a student at the University of Almería? What if you are not an International student? How can you take advantage of all these benefits?

The easiest way to practice your language knowledge in a multicultural environment at the University of  Almería is to get in touch with students from other countries. We have hundreds of international students from everywhere: Europe, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Turkey, China, USA, Canada, Mexico and South America.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this great opportunity and move in a multicultural environment within our University!! There are tons of activities for them, language exchanges, trips and many others!



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